Ten Security Risks to SaaS Users

If your business is like many others that we serve, you use Software as a Service (SaaS) from the Cloud. Cloud computing brings data storage solutions and economies of scale to small business owners because it offers the ability to store and process data with third-party vendors. We love the convenience.  We love the way the Cloud keeps our businesses connected with the world.

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Create a Website Launch Checklist for Your WordPress Hosting Clients

When the time comes to launch your client’s new website, it can seem like a huge relief. You have completed all of the planning, organizing, designing, development and now it is time to unleash your new design to the world. While the launch of a new website is exciting, launch day can also be hectic and frantic. How many times have you launched a website only to find you have forgotten several details? Missing these details can cause a lot of panic and stress once the website is available for the world to see. The last thing you want is for your client to find any issues with their website after launching it. It can lead to a bad customer experience and reflect poorly on you as a professional web designer. Read More

How to Secure Your WordPress-Based Site

It is true that WordPress has revolutionized how we build websites. It took the cost of building a site from thousands of dollars to a mere hundred and for those that might be conversant with the platform, they may not even have to cough up a penny. However, with the increased number of sites, there is also increased security risks. News about sites being hacked have become the order of the day and it is your duty to protect yourself and your readers or clientele by taking necessary steps to make sure you do not expose yourself to the risks of cybercrime which is spreading like a wildfire. Just in case you are wondering how you would be able to do this, here are some great suggestions.

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Website Designers: Increase Your Service Lines and Increase Your Market Value

Of the many parts to building your web design business, perhaps the most important part is marketing. Marketing looks at your product and service, your current and potential customers, your strategic business plan and your competition. After a good look at your marketing environment, you then set a plan to increase your value and exposure to your customers while adjusting your business strategy to account for competition. Read More

Boost Your Freelance Web Design Income by Hosting Client Websites

As a freelance web designer, you may experience highs and lows in terms of your workflow. There are times when client work seems to come in non-stop, and then there are periods of dry spells where you are actively seeking out new clients. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to earn passive income that can make up for the slow times during the year? The good news is, there is and it is by hosting your client’s websites.

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Improving Visitor Experience on WordPress

Creating a valuable and exciting experience for your visitors is crucial when you are building your WordPress site. Naturally, there are unlimited ways that you can accomplish this. Many people focus on the content that is placed on the site. They create awesome blog entries and place captivating pictures and images on their page in order to bring in more visitors.
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How Can A Web Designer Make More Money?

Juggling different bosses and constant deadlines can take its toll on any freelancer. Web design flows from a free, creative mind and stress can only take you down with it. As a web designer you want to identify passive sources of income and spend your free time developing these sources.

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