5 secrets to promote your reseller hosting for free

Promoting a web hosting reseller business without a marketing budget has always been an impossible task. Not anymore, use these secrets to grow your reseller business without investing a dime!

 1. Forum Participation: Participate in online web hosting and related communities like webhostingtalk.com, wordpress.org/support, forums.cpanel.net, etc. and help other users or share your ideas to build goodwill in the community. Members tend to recommend friendly web hosting companies. If you invest time in creating your own community it will not only help you promote your business but reduce the load on your customer service department as well.
2. Customer Reviews: According to a survey, 72% customers trust online reviews. If you aren’t getting many, offer a discount coupon or other incentive to your existing users in exchange of reviews and testimonials. Read this article by BusinessInsider.com to market your business using customer reviews. It’s one of the most effective free marketing strategies!
3. Content Marketing: Write informative or self-help articles and blog posts that link back to your landing page. This will not only help generate interest in your service but help you with Search Engine Optimization too. Make sure the article is well researched and has information that you would like to share with your own peers and friends. You may post it on your own blog or website or distribute it for free with a creative commons license.
4. Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization takes time and effort but it is worth your while. It helps to target niche segments like low cost hosting for church websites or special hosting packages for Joomla. Learn more at about.com or download this PDF starter guide by Google.
5. Sponsor free accounts: Create a plan with minimal resources for small businesses, hot startups and growing blogs. In due time, some will upgrade to your paid packages. Find them on WordPress or websites like Kickstarter.com and offer free hosting in exchange for promotion of your website. You can also contact eBay or Amazon sellers and offer them an account in exchange of links in their product descriptions. With a free hosting package, you can charge for add-ons like domain and email hosting services.

Don’t forget the power of social media for free promotion. We will cover this topic in detail in the next post. Bookmark this blog now!