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How to Secure Your WordPress-Based Site

It is true that WordPress has revolutionized how we build websites. It took the cost of building a site from thousands of dollars to a mere hundred and for those that might be conversant with the platform, they may not even have to cough up a penny. However, with the increased number of sites, there […]

Website Designers: Increase Your Service Lines and Increase Your Market Value

Of the many parts to building your web design business, perhaps the most important part is marketing. Marketing looks at your product and service, your current and potential customers, your strategic business plan and your competition. After a good look at your marketing environment, you then set a plan to increase your value and exposure […]

Improving Visitor Experience on WordPress

Creating a valuable and exciting experience for your visitors is crucial when you are building your WordPress site. Naturally, there are unlimited ways that you can accomplish this. Many people focus on the content that is placed on the site. They create awesome blog entries and place captivating pictures and images on their page in […]