Create a Website Launch Checklist for Your WordPress Hosting Clients

When the time comes to launch your client’s new website, it can seem like a huge relief. You have completed all of the planning, organizing, designing, development and now it is time to unleash your new design to the world. While the launch of a new website is exciting, launch day can also be hectic and frantic. How many times have you launched a website only to find you have forgotten several details? Missing these details can cause a lot of panic and stress once the website is available for the world to see. The last thing you want is for your client to find any issues with their website after launching it. It can lead to a bad customer experience and reflect poorly on you as a professional web designer.

A detailed checklist frees you up from having to remember a ton of small details that can create huge issues after launch. You will feel confident knowing that nothing is forgotten and your client will have a great experience when the website goes live without a hitch. Having a checklist for your client’s WordPress hosting websites can help reduce any possible mishaps as well as make you more productive with less stress.

Creating a Checklist

Remember that your checklist should make your workflow easier. Create it according to how you work and group similar items together to speed up the process. Your first list will not include everything so be flexible and know that you can add to it or remove items with each website launch. On your next website launch, take the time to write each step you take. Group each of these steps into a Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch checklist. Keep the steps in order as you will follow the exact sequence with each website launch.

Website Pre-Launch Checklist

  • Remove any “dummy” text (lorem ipsum, etc.)
  • Proofread website for grammar or spelling errors
  • Check that company contact information is correct
  • All video and audio items are working properly
  • Check all hyperlinks are working correctly
  • 404 page is created and working
  • Check that all 301 redirects are working
  • Create a favicon
  • Check WordPress SEO titles and meta data
  • Check that navigation links will point to new website
  • Update all plugins
  • Check that website is cross-browser compatible
  • Test responsive design
  • Optimize all images
  • Logo is linked to home page
  • All forms work when submitted
  • Social sharing icons work properly
  • Check website load time

Website Launch Checklist

  • Set up domain in cPanel
  • Set up new database and users in cPanel
  • Add any tracking or analytics code
  • Change DNS to new nameservers
  • View website for any display issues

Website Post-Launch Checklist

  • Confirm testing URL’s are removed
  • Check WordPress site visibility settings
  • Confirm tracking and analytics codes are working
  • Check for broken links
  • Create and submit sitemap
  • Create user logins/passwords
  • Install and activate caching plugin
  • Update permalinks
  • Remove testing files (old dev site, subdomain, etc.)

This website launch checklist is in no way exhaustive. However, it should give you an idea of how to begin creating your checklist for your future website launches. Add as many details as you like. The goal of a website launch checklist is to keep you organized and to relieve you from the worry of forgetting any of the small details that can easily slip through the cracks. Your checklist may never be complete. As you gain more clients and build larger websites, chances are you will modify your checklist multiple times.

Once you begin using your checklists, you will notice the launch process becomes smoother, faster, and easier. If you haven’t already, start a launch checklist today and make improvements with your next website launch.