How Can A Web Designer Make More Money?

Juggling different bosses and constant deadlines can take its toll on any freelancer. Web design flows from a free, creative mind and stress can only take you down with it. As a web designer you want to identify passive sources of income and spend your free time developing these sources.


WordPress themes are in constant demand. Create a polished theme with a crisp design that would meet the requirements of more than one segment and put it up for sale on a website like ThemeForest. Offer customizing services to tweak it to meet a client’s requirements. You may also offer other services like branding and logo design with it.

Icons and Vectors

Designers constantly need reusable icons and vectors. If you’ve been working as a web designer for a few years, you may already have a set of icon and vector files that you reuse when you can. Turn them into icon and vector packs and sell them on websites like iStockphoto and GraphicRiver.

Software as a Service

As a freelancer when you have a client and they need additional services that you don’t offer, you refer them to your network. Create software that can be used as a platform. Your network of developers, copy writers, designers, etc., can use the platform and you can charge the freelancers or the clients a small fee to use it. Many clients love working with a closed community of freelancers instead of hiring complete strangers from larger job boards like Elance.

Reseller Web Hosting

Most non tech savvy customers do not realize that they need web hosting and a domain name along with the website they’ve just ordered. You can advise your clients to switch to your servers for better services. If you have a reseller web hosting account, you can offer a package to manage their websites for a monthly fee. With a little free promotion you can make a good income on the side by reselling web hosting.

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