Improving Visitor Experience on WordPress

Creating a valuable and exciting experience for your visitors is crucial when you are building your WordPress site. Naturally, there are unlimited ways that you can accomplish this. Many people focus on the content that is placed on the site. They create awesome blog entries and place captivating pictures and images on their page in order to bring in more visitors.

But, did you know that the speed of your site is something that can greatly improve your visitors’ overall experience? It’s true! In fact, if a site runs too slowly, you risk the chance that your visitors will give up and move on to something that runs faster.

So, if you are looking for ways to increase the speed of your WordPress hosting site, be sure to consider the following items.

Your Images

Images are a common item to add to any website. However, if they are not in the correct format, they are something that can quickly bring down the speed of your website. When you are saving pictures, make sure that you save them using the ‘save for the web’ option. This is an option that is available for those using an image editing software. Doing so helps to make the pictures pull up faster on the Internet so that your WordPress site will run faster.

In addition to this, it is also possible to use an online image optimizer to save the format of your pictures correctly. Also, consider the actual format that you save your pictures in. For example, JPEG is best for photographs, but GIF works better for logos and buttons. You can also use PNG for logos and buttons, but it actually offers a greater range of color options.

Another great way to speed up your site is to use height and width tags. When a visitor clicks on a website, this will allow the pictures to pull up much faster because the site will already know how big the pictures are. Without these tags, the website would be forced to discover the actual size of the picture as it is loading, which will take longer.

What about your CSS?

This refers to the actual layout of your HTML code. This could include anything from fonts to background images and positions. This is what is used to actually add layouts to your website. When you are setting up your WordPress site, one of the most important things is that it is pleasing to the eye. However, there are certain things that slow down the site drastically.

Make sure that you are taking a look at your CSS from time to time. You should take the time to clean it up by removing extra whitespace in the code and getting rid of properties that are not needed. You can also merge similar selectors in order to speed up your website. To speed up the load time related to your website, combine scripts and CSS files together.

Format your Links correctly

Links are also an important addition to any WordPress site and can greatly improve your readers’ experience. However, they can also slow down the hosting side of things. One trick to help speed up the load time of links is to add a slash to the end of the link. This will inform the server what type of page that it is loading. This will help to save time because the server won’t have to figure this information out for itself.

It is always best to keep an eye on what is going on in the background when you are building your WordPress site. These tips will allow you to do just that and will allow you to speed your site up quite a bit. By putting these in place, you will be able to greatly improve the experience that your visitors receive from visiting your site.

  • Liz

    I always use the w3 total cache plugin. It really helps boost loading time without having to do too much manual work.