Happy New Year!

On behalf of everyone here at Othio, we’d like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2014!


We’d like to thank our customers for your continued support and feedback, and for choosing to host your websites with us.

We’re really privileged to have so many talented and successful customers who we’re proud to host.

We have plenty of great new features and updates planned for the coming year so stay tuned!

We’ve Upgraded All of Our Reseller Hosting Plans!

As our gift to all of our customers, we have upgraded all of our FlexiReseller plans. We’ve doubled the all-SSD disk space and maintained our low prices.

Our reseller hosting still starts at only $5 per month, but now you get 10GB of SSD space, 100GB of bandwidth, and up to 10 cPanel accounts. We have already upgraded all current customers accounts.

All of our upgraded plans can be viewed on our FlexiReseller page:

The new TLDs – A Step By Step Guide on How To Narrow Down Choices And How To Manage A Short List

There are currently a thousand new domain or TLD’s (technically gTDLs, the g is for generic) and one of the challenge that every user faces is which one needs to be prioritized and also the names they want to register in the group. Below is a complete guide on how to narrow down and manage the short list of choices so they can eventually work out what they really want.

Wordcloud of the new gTLDs

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Is Your Website Alienating 1.2 Billion Users Every Day?

D.H. Lawrence’s immortal novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover begins “Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically.” Today, ours is essentially and increasingly a digital age, and while we certainly don’t have to take it tragically, we do have to take it. Many people can and have turned to the new digital sector as a source of employment, and that trend is likely to continue with the rise of such massive names as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter over the past few years, not to mention the app and technology boom in the smartphone department.

Mobile Website on iPhone

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