The new TLDs – A Step By Step Guide on How To Narrow Down Choices And How To Manage A Short List

There are currently a thousand new domain or TLD’s (technically gTDLs, the g is for generic) and one of the challenge that every user faces is which one needs to be prioritized and also the names they want to register in the group. Below is a complete guide on how to narrow down and manage the short list of choices so they can eventually work out what they really want.

Wordcloud of the new gTLDs

1. Begin with the existing assets

Prepare a spreadsheet and start the list by listing down the most important domain, industry and projects. Complete the task by comparing the list with the new TLD’s so you will be aware where you can begin setting up new extensions. If you learn to organize, you end up registering what needs to be prioritized.

2. Projects for the future

Most TLD’s lend their service to mini-sites and fun projects so it is imperative that you check what matches the new TLD projects are and see if it suits your business.

3. Make use of ideal names

If there is a particular name you needed attached to your domain, try and see how it will fit your new extension name.

4. Brand or name protection

Even if you don’t manage your business, ensure that you have a favored domain name to secure. List down the extension name you can include in your line of business and list them down on your spreadsheet.

How To Organize Domain Names


Once you have listed all the available names for your new TLD’s, include a separate column on your spreadsheet for ratings. Score each name on a scale of 1 to 10. Make a re-order list from highest to lowest rate.


Add a category column on the spreadsheet and group each extension on every applicable situation. One good example can be on this category format.

  • Purpose of the business (social and personal brand)
  • Length and name of extension
  • Owner (company name, you or your client’s name)
  • Type of site (blog, app or portfolio)
  • Topic (SEO, web design and coding)
  • Importance and priorities


Lastly, add a column about notes and include the following descriptions.

  • Reasons for picking the rating.
  • Questions to ask other users or choice of a revisit later option.
  • Links between domain names.