Tips On Designing a Useful “About Us” Webpage

Few web design companies really take the time to craft engaging and memorable “About Us” pages. What a mistake! These pages are often the first spots potential customers visit. An engaging and useful “About Us” page can increase business flow exponentially.

Learn Everything You Can About the Company

Don’t write a single word for the “About Us” page until you’ve done plenty of research on what the company offers. A genetic “Hi! We’re a computer consultant company with 15 years of experience” message just doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive market: an “About Us” page should concisely, but accurately, convey every aspect of the business.

Important steps to take when writing an “About Us” page include:

  • Reading their “Mission Objective”
  • Understanding the services they provide
  • Assessing whether a “serious” or “humorous” tone is appropriate
  • Learning how long they’ve been in business
  • Discussing any success they may have had in the past

Here’s example text from a typically strong “About Us” page:

“Here at Business Name, we’re concerned about one thing: giving you the computer service that you need! That’s why we’ve been in business 25 years: we know how to sort through your computer bugs, root them out, and how to get your computer back on track. And don’t take our word for it: we’ve received ‘A+’ ratings from the ‘Better Business Bureau’ for 15 straight years.”

See how that text identified the mission objective (giving the best computer service), discussed how long they’ve been in business (25 years), used a humorous tone to describe their services, and even included a few awards.

Don’t Forget to Brag… in a Humble Manner

When crafting the “business praising” section of an “About Us” page, you need to avoid alienating potential customers by coming across like you’re bragging. For example, you don’t want to say “we’ve out-lasted five competitor businesses and used our superior services to run them into the ground.” That sounds like sour grapes and will likely annoy any customer interested in that website.

Instead, use phrases like:

  • We’ve been in business X number of years
  • We’ve serviced X numbers of customers
  • We employ 25 highly trained specialists
  • We’re ranked “No. 1” on “Google +”

Making these statements see,  “matter-of-fact” gets the best results. You can also wrap them up in a joke or humorous story. For example, you could say something like “we’ve been in business so long, we used to service T-Rex laptops” or something similarly silly.

Highlight the Company’s Awards

Showing off a company’s awards and accolades in an “About Us” page requires careful web design. Integrate a few quotes from real customers into the sidebars along the side of the page to capture the eye of customers.

Similarly, you can include award icons along the top and bottom bars of the page to create a visual that will quickly show off how well the company is admired by the community and its customers.

Encourage an Action

When you reach the end of the “About Us” page, you should include a simple “call to action” that compels the reader. For example, you could steer them in the direction of the “scheduling” site (including a hyperlink for easier access) to set up an assessment of their computing problems.

Or you could include contact information (such as phone numbers, a “contact us” form, or an e-mail address) that encourage customers to reach out to the business.

Here’s an example:

“So, if your computer is on the fritz again and you are at your wit’s end, please don’t hesitate to contact us (hyperlink to a contact form) and set up a free assessment today (hyperlink to scheduling form). With 25 years of service, we’ve seen just about everything and we know we can help you find the problem that’s plaguing your computer!”

See how those few simple sentences included two calls to action (contacting the company and setting up a free assessment) and even integrated a reminder of the success of the business.

Now that you have a strong idea of how to create a great “About Us” page, try to craft at least two or three before presenting them to the company. This will give you a few options to choose from, should they not like your first option.