Website Designers: Increase Your Service Lines and Increase Your Market Value

Of the many parts to building your web design business, perhaps the most important part is marketing. Marketing looks at your product and service, your current and potential customers, your strategic business plan and your competition. After a good look at your marketing environment, you then set a plan to increase your value and exposure to your customers while adjusting your business strategy to account for competition.

While many people consider marketing as a form of sales or advertising and relegate it to outsourced or internal sales teams, marketing is so much more. It is a focus on your customers, or market, and bringing value to them that sets your business aside from other competitors in your industry.

One of the most valuable marketing areas that website designers build is their product line. A product line is the various services and products you offer to your customers. Freelance website designers often do not think through the various products and services they can offer their customers to increase their value as a business and the value of their overall packages they sell their customers.

cPanel Hosting

In diversifying your product and services line, the most basic aspect to add to your product line are some technical website aspects. cPanel hosting is a technical product you can offer customers who need greater access to the back-end of their website.

Customers who need cPanel include businesses who want to upload their own documents, media or other files. Additional needs include people who want to build a multi-tiered website, creating blogs, courses and other product on one or multiple subdomains.

Affiliate Marketing Services

If you are focusing on building long-term customers, a value-added benefit you can add to your product line is providing them advice on products that work for you. This provides increased value to them and increased income to you without requiring that you build any more products or services.

For example, if your customers consistently need a mobile picture/meme creator and you have a favorite you use for your designs. You find out the company offers affiliate commissions and so you sign up and send your customer the link. You get to provide them with something valuable, earn an income and you never have to design and code a picture creator.

Content Creation

Many website designers also enjoy writing content for websites. If that is you, and you are not already selling your content writing skills as a service, you are missing out.

Website content is hard to create. You must create it to be meaningful and engaging to search engines and to your readers. For many businesses, non-profits and other customers of your website design business, content creation is too much work. For these customers, add high value to your services by selling regular blogging, page updating and creation. When offered as a service contract, it increases your regular and predictable income.

Marketing Innovation

As you can see from these 3 ideas, the opportunities to increase your product line are diverse and plenty. The one thing to keep in mind as you seek to build out your products and services to increase your value to your customers is to keep the main thing the main thing.

If you specialize in design, do not try to create your own hosting system. Good companies like us offer products that you can resell to your customers. Likewise, if you specialize in design and content but cannot do customization, find other businesses who do and partner with them to provide the best of both worlds.

The goal of increasing your product line in marketing is not to increase your workload, but to increase the value your customers get from doing business with you. These three service lines you can offer are a great place to start!